Why chat bots need to be taken seriously?

So often we see that hysteria around any piece of technology result in unwanted expectations and further results in impractical implementation. Chatbots definitely fall in that category. We find so much spoken about it : about pros and lot of cons that lot of consumer/product oriented companies have shelved out the plan to invest in having a Chatbot.

There is no way denying about that Chatbots are here to say , but do equipped with latest advancement in field of NLP , chatbots provide a Human Interface. I believe this expectation is unwanted when it comes to having a chatbot for a product/consumer oriented company. The desire of having a Chatbot should be as of a solution which is always first point of contact for Consumer,the goal is always to provide info. and provide a flow to product of a product/service. The Customer Care Representatives should be important part of this flow and chatbots can never be expected to replace them.

However Small /Mid Size companies and startup who can not afford to keep Customer Care Representatives do look for including Chatbot as part of their market/product effort. There are solutions available from Google Dialog-Flow to Microsoft Luis and so many others. Most of them help in build a chatbot in couple of minutes. We at Eulerslab believe building a chatbot is like building a product. With conversational interface coming as major UI/UX tool, we believe in building a Chatbot which properly relates with the product and cover its all flow. Our chatbots are build on our customized NLU and Open Source Rasa Core for training actions and intents.

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